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welcome to my site. this is not a colon utaite fanpage i just really like his fanart. (fanart on this homepage is by @ituka910 on instagram, i plan to change it soon.)

you can learn more about me and what the site is about using the navigation on the left. i enjoy reading manga, watching anime, cinnamoroll, yamper, mahoyaku, and watching some vtubers.

i like people signing my guestbook so please leave a message, and thank you.



2022-06-26 MY RETURN.
2022-05-25 kid corner created!!!
2022-05-16 cinnamoroll tv started
2022-05-02 may journal and new elle and raeg pages
2022-04-28 moving vents to seperate section of the site, out of regular journal.
2022-04-27 oz birthday
2022-04-14 shino sherwood birthday
2022-04-04 dreamworld pages started. azaiah's page started
2022-02-24 mahoyaku shino chibi page made
2022-01-31 mahoyaku shrine started. akane aoi/kin pages being worked on
2022-01-13 new guestbook
2022-01-01 new year new month new diary entry section.
created archives page, moved stickers page
2021-12-31 new homepage out
2021-12-30 joined the selfship webring
working on new homepage
created anime page
2021-12-21 stickers pages moved to diary navigation
2021-12-12 graphics page created with blinkies stamps and buttons
2021-12-09 elle and raeg shrine page created
2021-12-08 links/bookmarks page
2021-11-19 stickers page added
2021-11-16 diary/journal started
2021-11-09 shrine navigation created
2021-10-22 added manga page
2021-10-01 added about me page + working on to-do list.
2021-09-30 added changelog. updating homepage.
2021-09-28 created site (